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Effect of aging on left ventricular filling in untreated

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Specific role of phosphodiesterase 4B in lipopolysaccharide-

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Differences between axes depend on where you set the bar:

20+ PD traits (n = 94) (n = 150) (n = Conti ML, Fiore D, Pedone R, Procacci M, bar: associations among symptoms, interpersonal

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Heterogeneity of glutamatergic and GABAergic release

and 20% of VGAT+ puncta; SNAP-25 in ∼94% of VGLUT1+, 5% of C., Barbaresi, P., Giovedi, S., Benfenati, F., and Conti, F

Porous Alginate Hydrogels: Synthetic Methods for Tailoring

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The $\textrm{T}\bar{\textrm{T}}$ perturbation and its

We prove that the $\textrm{T}\bar{\textrm{T}}$-perturbed solutions Riccardo ContiStefano NegroRoberto Tateo

Characterization of variegate porphyria mutations using a

JIMD Rep. 2015;20:39-44.Granata BX, Baralle M, De Conti L, Parera V, Rossetti MV (2015) Characterization of variegate porphyria mutations using a

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Australia Telescope Compact Array Survey of Candidate Ultra

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On positive solutions of nonlinear elliptic eigenvalue problems

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in the form of a pair of tights, that is to say pantyhose,

1. A method for the formation of an article in the form of a pair of tights (panty-hose) on two-bar knitting machines, in which the rows of