80mm inside diameter choke or kill hose

Muzzleloading shotgun with choke

2002129-Muzzleloading shotgun with chokeA muzzleloading shotgun has a barrel with a constant inside diameter that flares outwardly a short distance

characteristics, method of producing the same, choke coil,

9. A noise filter comprising the choke coil of claim 7 or 8. 10. Then, a toroidal core of 20 mm outer diameter and 10 mm inner diameter

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the valve (84) and into the string (40), to choke or kill the well. The kill sleeve 34 define an inner passage 42 of similar diameter to

Aircraft trailing ball antenna

and by a telescopically adjustable sleeve choke having the end adjacent The diameter of the conductive ball, the length of the inner conductor in

Shotgun choke modifier and method

(2) angularity of the outside diameter of a choke tube to the inside diameter of the tube; (3) tolerances of thread pitch diameter on both barrels;

Reinforced seal unit for pumpdown pistons or well swabs

choke ring wherein the flexible annular lips have an interior portion formedThe inside diameter of body 24 is compatible with the inside diameter of

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A shotgun was originally a smoothbore firearm, which means that the inside of the barrel is not rifled but later rifled shotgun barrels and slugs

Gun barrel choke

A choke for a shotgun barrel comprises a sleeve body having an outer cylindrical surface and an inner surface with a conical rear section and a

Weir and choke plate for solid bowl centrifuge

wherein said choke plate is movable axially with respect to the head inside diameter 89 that is slightly greater than an outside diameter of


MCCASKILL, Lane (Inc.140 Cypress Station Driveinner diameter is threaded and a lid removable choke, comprising: a housing having a high

Storm choke apparatus for submergible pumps

A choke valve (safety valve) is provided in association with a submergible pump employed in oil wells or the like to prevent the flow of well fluid

Remote control choke

inner chamber 162 on one side of the piston diameter than the choke valve stem 56 within theor kill manifold choke or as a drilling choke,


VARIABLE CHOKE ASSEMBLY Ibrahim M. Mentesh Carl R. Baenziger Field of diameter that is generally commensurate with the inside diameter of the

Shear mechanism for backpressure relief in a choke valve

choke valve comprising: a body having an axial inner end abut against the outer end of seat diameter sections with conical transitions 42 to

Blast wave choke

2011319-choke elements of progressively smaller inside diameter are aligned along a common axis and spaced one from the other by annular interposed

Air flow choke for bowl mills

2007219- and means for adjusting the diameter of the choke and hence the effective a plurality of spaced apart rollers mounted to engage inside t

Remotely actuated adjustable choke valve and method for using

to a choke valve, and more specifically, is diameter portion 84 intermediate the first and inner wall of the vale body 34 to allow the

Eccentrically-disposed choke injector

2011320- 9. The apparatus of claim 6, wherein the tool comprises an actuator to move the inner choke sleeve with respect to the choke housing. 10

Choke valve especially used in oil and gas wells

A choke valve specially used for regulating thebe killed by using a conventional kill procedure.thus keeping a constant inner diameter or passage

Solids strainer system for a hydraulic choke

Mccaskill, John Walton (Jersey Village, TX, choke, the strainer device comprising: (a) a diameter on its inner end and an external male