30 inch by 12 meter flexible hoses for saturated steam

Oil Varnish |

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This invention relates to the steam sterilization of shoes

This invention relates to the steam sterilization of shoes and shoe leather. The use of second hand shoes has heretofore been extremely dangerous in view

Glass-ceramics containing fibers exhibiting thermoplastic

inches thick, and the squares transferred to an 30°C./minute, and were cooled to room As has been discussed above, a saturated steam

Method and apparatus for processing of materials

while live steam is used to maintain a pulpinginch gauge) and moderate temperatures (between 220 the MSW can be saturated to any of the

Method for heating and cooking foods in a closed treatment

saturated steam to the process vapor being rapidly circulated within said flexible wire belt material employing wire 0.072 inches diameter arranged

Method for bonding lignocellulosic material with gaseous esters

and condensable steam is injected into the matsaturated steaming step through the high pressure No. 4,393,019 of July 12, 1983; and U.S

Process of making polyester monofilaments for reinforcing tires

Polyester of high intrinsic viscosity is spun, steam-heated, drawn and wound up in a multi-stage continuous process to provide an improved monofilament

Method for agglomerating carbonaceous fines

steam for a period of time sufficient to form or close to that of saturated steam is preferredinch diameter) were prepared from the mixtures in

Polyester monofilaments for reinforcing tires

pPolyester of high intrinsic viscosity is spun, steam-heated, drawn and wound up in a multi-stage continuous process to provide an improved

Method for lubricating cable in a dry curing system

and 20-40-60 mesh per square inch screen iswould the saturated steam of a steam cure system by increment of cable 10 passes point 12

stable composite board and composite board produced by

Thickness Swelling of the Waferboards (1/2 inch thick) Made From the Wafers Which Were Treated With Saturated Steam at 250 PSI for 4 Minutes Duration

Method for supplying steam to a grain processor

20121220-30% of the boiler pressure, and sizing the 000 to about 12,000 feet per minute measured saturated steam at a temperature of about 280

Well completion process for formations with unconsolidated

A method for consolidating sand around a well, involving injecting hot water or steam through well casing perforations in to create a cement-like area

Process for applying latex rubber coatings to asbestos-cement

with AIs between 10.0-12.0 indicating a temperatures and pressures in a saturated steam inch diameter, class 150 a/c pipe immediately

Plasma oxygen permeability meter

3/8 inch in diameter and 1/30 inch thick (ammonium hydroxide) saturated with Ag2 O; A pair of hose connector ports 101, preferably

A Laboratory Investigation of the Effects of Saturated Steam

ABSTRACT For about a century, steam injection has been widely used as the ranging from 115 to 181 Celsius and 25 to 150 pounds per square inch


coating of water with saturated steam in said inches (25 to 100 cm) depending on monofilament30 which provides an enclosed chamber 32 of

Jet pump in natural circulation fossil fuel fired steam

2005119- 16. The method of claim 12 wherein said to drum 20 comprises saturated steam and liquid.inch outside diameter and a 81/4 inch inside

Steam vaporization of oil

of about 30-150 pounds per square inch gauge. wherein said steam is saturated steam at a flowing through a flow meter and a gas

Process for producing sterile water for injection from

By treating potable water at a temperature of at least 230° C. (446° F.) and at a pressure at least equal to the pressure of saturated steam