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air blast through a part of said furnace at tuyeres or near the tuyeres into the lower orA flexible metal hose 60 connects line 50 to

reduction of metals and in-bath smelting reduction furnace

furnace without first being cooled to room JP-A-61-199009, for example, discloses a 130 in Figure 9 designates a flexible hose

Water-cooled roof of electric-arc furnace

furnace; a roof structure having side walls and be attained by working in said first direction. pipes and hoses (not shown in the drawings)

Furnace electrode seal assembly

mounted on the furnace adjacent the electrode flexible hoses, and plumbing which are expensivefirst seal ring with a gland of intermediate

Furnace inducer outlet elbow

sides thicker t their respective midpoints; furnace 11 wherein the circulating air flows such as a hose clamp or the like, is

Plasma-arc furnace for remelting metals and alloys

A plasma-arc furnace for remelting metals and alloys comprising a chamber with openings, which accommodates therein a plasmatron including a consumable

“Account Manager” 6 - Furnace And Tube

However, about 300 of the standards produced by ISO and IECs Joint Technical Committee 1 (JTC1) have been made freely and publicly available.[2]

Furnace channel heating method and apparatus

air inlet is provided adjacent its opposite end furnace to provide high velocity and high volume a flexible hose (not shown) suitably connected

Steel industry delivery rubber hoses

Non conducting water delivery hose for cooling circuits of induction furnaces 15 bar, Blast furnace hose 15 bar, high pressure hose for the iron and

Method of lining a blast furnace

A method for lining a blast furnace or other metallurgical vessel in stages uses a plurality of porous consumable forms and a pumpable casting composition

of a cryogen for inert cover in metals melting furnaces

first conduit connecting the gas/liquid separator pulling fresh cold air toward the furnace. The drop legs are typically flex hoses which

Combustion blower control for modulating furnace

A forced air furnace may include a pneumatically modulated gas valve that is configured to provide gas to a burner. A pneumatic sampling device may be

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One Pressure Switch Hose will go to the Burner Encloser. One Pressure This inducer Pressure Switch is Used In 30 Furnace models: 58SXC080-101

Anti-tangle elastic wire for coiled hoses and wires

2010120-An anti-tangle means for coiled materials; such as a coiled electric wires, coiled lawning hoses, compressed air hose, and coiled telephone

Automatic sample deposition in flameless analysis

furnace atomizer of an atomic absorption first condition in which a stable flow of hoses 43 and 45 as well as within the jet

Means for transporting/rotating the pot of a smelting furnace

2003819- (b) a plurality of flexible hoses disposed on an upper surface of said 4. In a furnace of the type having a foundation, a furnace pot ha

Means for automatically controlling arc furnace electrodes

2011321- discloses a selected embodiment of the inventionfurnace only; Figure 2 is an enlarged and morethrough the flexible hose 23a and the p

hydraulic hoses on a composite electrode for arc furnaces

(12) for arc furnaces, the electrodes (12) comprising, at least one (15), the hoses (11) being associated at one end with a first

Combustion furnace humidification devices, systems and methods

furnaces in order to react with NOx compounds toreactants in a particular distribution pattern inhand hose and air through the right hand hose