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NE Chemcat Corp licenses Brookhaven Labs electrocatalyst technology for fuel cells in electric vehicles Show moreShow less Choose an option to locate/

Primary structure and functional expression of the alpha-,

GTG CLl 3 1 0 380 190 Pro Arg A18 Pro A l a A l a 11 B i d . Chem. 262, 16748- 16753. 53. Smith, McHardy, M., Merlie

Modulation of glycosaminoglycan addition in naturally

(S-2266) was from Kabi Vitrum, Franklin, OH.(1 5-CCTCTGGCGGCCCGGAGTGACCGCGGCCGCCAGATCCChem. 268, 1988619889 2. Suruki, K., Kusumoto

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NE Chemcat expands chemical catalyst business

NE Chemcat expands chemical catalyst business Show moreShow less Choose an option to locate/access this article: Check if you have access through your

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Heteroatom removal from fossil fuels: The BIQCAT/CHEMCAT approachBiodegradation of Wilmington, CA. crude oil treated with several different microorganisms at

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201395-N.e. Chemcat Corporation

NE Chemcat to market Engelhards FCC catalysts

NE Chemcat to market Engelhard’s FCC catalysts Available online 2 December 2003About ScienceDirect Contact and support Terms and conditions Privacy

Frameworks with Ultrahigh Stability as Biomimetic

Cover Picture: Zirconium㎝etalloporphyrin PCN2: Mesoporous Metal–Organic Frameworks with Ultrahigh Stability as Biomimetic Catalysts (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed

Heterophilic antibodies: a problem for all immunoassays

and 10 pL of horse, rat, mouse, monkey, rabbit, , and dog serum(data not shown), and the copurification with IgG with use of chemical

A component of the multisynthetase complex is a

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N.E. Chemcat CorporationEPItoh T,Kosaki Y and Shiokawa K.Method of Purifying Exhaust Gas from Internal Combustion Engine.. 1999

Sonogashira Coupling over Nanostructured Silia Pd(0)

Sol-gel entrapped catalyst Silia Pd(0) heterogeneously mediates the SonoACSSustainable Chem Eng, 2013, 1 (1) : 57--61.Rosaria Ciriminna,

NE Chemcat focusing strategy on auto-exhaust catalysts

NE Chemcat focusing strategy on auto-exhaust catalystsdoi:10.1016/S1351-4180(09)70322-8ELSEVIERFocus on Catalysts


CHEMCATS FROM CAS!Advertisements that appeared within the print issues of Chem. Eng. News have been included in the CEN Archives to provide a

furfural in Water under Mild Conditions (ChemCat

A new strategy to attach magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles (NPs) onto the commercially available immobilized lipase on acrylic resin is demonstrated. Magnetic Fe

Proposal to transfer ellatospora ferruginea and ellato

201371-Chem. Phys. 127 (2007) 154101. [43] I. Martin-Bragado, P. CastrilloJ. urla, Mmonca: An object kinetic monte carlo simulator for damag

BASF Boosts Capacity In Japan, Taiwan and Bahrain

Chemcat Tsukuba plant in Ibaraki, Japan.Chemcat Corp, N.ESite Selection

Sumitomo Metal/BASF Catalysts move to fully own NE Chemcat

Sumitomo Metal/BASF Catalysts move to fully own NE Chemcat Available online 29 October 2009 70464-7, How

G-protein-coupled receptors and cancer

(β-) degradation complex that consists of adenomatous polyposis coli (Many of the pro-angiogenic CXC chemok- ines have a Glu–Leu–Arg (ELR